Cincinnati Family Law & Divorce Blog: Ohio’s Updated Child Support Schedule

In Ohio, child support is guided by a basic child support schedule that assists in determining what child support obligation is appropriate. The basic child support schedule is essentially a chart outlining what the annual guideline child support should be taking into account the number of children subject to the child support order and the gross combined annual income of the parents.


Section 3119.023 of the Ohio Revised Code states that at least once every four years, the Department of Job and Family Services is required to review the basic child support schedule to determine whether the existing child support schedule still adequately provides for children who are subject to child support orders. As such, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reviewed the child support schedule in February of 2022. Based on this review, the basic child support schedule was updated, effective June of 2023.This review was based on many factors, including but not limited to analyzing data on the present-day cost of raising children and labor market data such as current unemployment rates and employment opportunities available to parents in various industries.


Based on the most recent update to the child support schedule, someone’s child support obligation may have changed from what their obligation would have been if calculated using the old schedule, even if no other factors like the parent’s income have changed. This change in the guideline child support obligation becomes more evident as the parties’ combined gross income increases. For example, the updated schedule states the total annual guideline child support obligation for one child is $11,972 if the parent’s gross combined income is $80,400, which is an increase of $1,367 in annual support obligation for the same combined gross income if looking at the 2019 child support schedule. If the parent’s combined gross income is $180,600, the 2023 schedule increases the total annual child support obligation by $1,468 from the 2019 schedule for the same gross combined income. As the parent’s combined gross income grows, the difference in the 2023 and 2019 schedules becomes larger.


Courts are not bound by the child support guidelines. Deviations are permitted as long as the reasons for deviation are stated. In all cases, a child support guideline must be filed with the court so it is evident what the guideline support would be, were it not for a court order or agreed upon deviation.


Child support can be a complex issue and its calculation is crucial in ensuring your children are financially supported. Speaking with an attorney about the updates to the basic child support schedule in Ohio can help you in navigating what child support obligation is appropriate in your case.